5 Packs of Wildflower Beeballs

5 Packs of Wildflower Beeballs

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Wanting to share the love with friends and family or have a larger area you would like to cover at home? Take advantage of our multi pack offer and save money whilst saving the bees! Ideal for filling a number of garden pots, window boxes or a larger area of the garden in need of some colour. Seed balls are an easy way to grow from seed. No gardening skills necessary, just throw onto cleared soil in a sunny spot, water well in dry weather and watch your seed balls grow into a bee-utiful, nectar rich wildflower patch perfect for bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects. Creating not only a glorious display of colour but also vital habitat for a variety of wildlife. Can be grown any time of the year, but Spring and Autumn are best, just avoid the frosts.

Contains 100 seed balls (5 packs of 20 balls).  Seed balls may be small but they do pack a punch. Once grown, wildflowers will fill out & naturally spread and self seed. We recommend a 15cm spacing between balls. Our packaging is made from 100% recycled & biodegradable paper and is fully recyclable.



    Easy to Grow, our Beeballs are perfect for both novice and expert gardeners. Packed with 1000's of seeds from 20 different native wildflower species, we lovingly encase them in peat free soil & clay, helping to protect them whilst they grow! No Gardening skills necessary, Just throw, water & grow.