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Butterfly numbers have severely reduced in recent years due to loss of habitat and some very wet summers. By planting more wildflowers we can help provide nectar and habitat that butterflies so desperately need.


Butterflies mostly land on wide-open flowers and, unlike bees, can see the colour red as well as purple. This means they can easily spot bright violet, crimson, scarlet and ruby flowers.  That's why we have packed our butterfly balls with favourites such as Knapweed, Field Scabious and Betony. Not only will this create a beautiful display for you to enjoy at home but it will attract more butterflies into your garden too!


The UK has lost 13 species of bee since 1900 and a further 35 are considered under threat of extinction. 97% of natural bee and butterfly habitat has been lost in the UK since WW2

we need your help! It is our mission to help and encourage more people to grow nectar rich wildflowers at home. Seed balls are easy to use, you can grow wildflowers Even if the only available space you have is a small window box or patio pot. If you have access to a larger area of land, why not plant a whole meadow!

Shop UK Native Wildflower Seed Balls here and help save our vital pollinators. Easy to use, no gardening skills necessary, just throw, water, grow!


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Local like minded garden centres & eco conscious independent shops have already come on board to help save the bees & butterflies. If you are a retailer interested in becoming a stockist, please contact us directly by emailing